Haftners provides racing and training clothing and accessories for athletes at the highest level at a price tailored for all levels. Formed in Virginia in 2018 and then relocated to Texas in 2020, Haftners is a service-disabled veteran-owned business.


One area where Haftners strives to be different is the athletes targeted. Although the company supports some of the best athletes within the sport, two additional areas of focus are grassroots development and minority demographics within the sport. Focusing on grassroots development means supporting programs that help develop future generations of cycling. And supporting minority demographics means supporting any demographics which are not the majority within the sport, which includes paralympic champions.


Another area that sets Haftners apart from other companies is the team that makes everything happen. The entire company is family-operated, including the custom shop. From the graphics design and photography to the product design and eventual sales, all components of the business are handled by a small team.



All products are sourced with ethics in mind, from the beginning to end product everything is ethically made and sourced. Products are designed and printed in the United States, utilizing the best components possible. No animals are used for the testing of Haftners products. Before going live, all products are tested in the real environment in which they are supposed to be used. Ultimately, all clothing products are designed to be both aerodynamically efficient and comfortable.