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Speed Bump in Road Disrupts Entire Tour of Burgos.

Crashes are an inevitable part of cycling, even for recreationists. Just about every week we write about a crash at a World Tour event or on the streets. However, we have never written about such poor planning for an event where a Continential Tour event went directly over a speed bump. Within a peloton, riders are in such close proximity that it is often not until just mere inches that riders can spot obstacles that people up ahead swerve to avoid. In the case of a speed bump, there is no avoiding it. And as one would expect, the speed bump caused a crash that included nearly every rider within proximity.

An aerial view of the crash, showing mass injuries.

An aerial view of the crash, showing mass injuries.

A mass crash at the end of the second stage of the Tour of Burgos has left a dozen riders injured. The incident occurred just 700 meters from the finish line, as the cyclists were racing at 50km/h over a speed bump. Several riders were sent flying off their bikes, and many more were brought down in the ensuing pile-up.

There was a lengthy delay while medical crews tended to the injured riders, some of whom had to be taken away on stretchers.

It is not yet known how serious the injuries sustained in the crash are, but several riders are expected to miss out on Stage 3 as a result. This is likely to be a huge blow for their teams' chances in what is already a highly competitive race.

AG2R rider Damien Touze suffered head trauma and a concussion in the crash. Touze was conscious as he was transported to the hospital for further evaluation. His teammate Clement Berthet also fractured a finger in the crash and was immediately sent for medical treatment. Both riders were taken out of the event.

The Caja Rural team had a tough day at the Tour of Burgos, with two riders forced to abandon the race after being caught in a mass crash.

Orluis Aular was the first to go down, suffering a broken hand in the fall. He was quickly followed by teammate David Gonzalez Lopez, who dislocated his elbow in the same incident. The rest of the team managed to avoid the crash and continue racing, but both Aular and Gonzalez Lopez were forced to withdraw from the event.

Jumbo Visma's Dutch rider David Dekker was the first to fall at the speed bump, which was located just before the finish line of the sprint stage. His fall caused a domino effect, with several other riders crashing behind him.

Among those injured in the crash were Quick-Step's Jannik Steimle and Cofidis' Jesper Asselman. Both riders were forced to abandon the race due to their injuries.

Steimle suffered a broken collarbone, while Asselman sustained fractures to his ribs and collarbone. Cycling fans on social media were in shock over the incident, with many questioning why there would be a sprint stage when there is a speed bump involved. Ultimately, the event boils down to poor route planning and scouting.

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