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Retiree Smashes Cycling Record for Fundraiser.

Arvid Loewen, a Winnipeg local, completed a year-long goal of breaking a Guiness World Record for Mully Children's Family (MCF) in Kenya. In 2021, Loewen attempted to break the time record for 10,000km by cycling around 400km a day but had to give up after the 22nd day. The 65-year-old cyclist has a history of world record attempts in the name of raising funds for MCF.

All smiles in a picture shared by Loewen on Facebook, surrounded by his grandchildren..

All smiles in a picture shared by Loewen on Facebook, surrounded by his grandchildren..

In 2021, Arvid Loewen cycled 400 km a day in an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the fastest time cycling 10,000 km, but he had to stop after just 3 days due to the intense heat and physical toll. He was disappointed but 100% certain that he made the right call. All donations made during his attempt still went towards Mully Children's Family, a Christian organization that raises orphans in Kenya.

Arvid Loewen has set a new world record for the longest continuous bike ride, cycling for 711 km over the course of 14 hours.

The event took place at Bird's Hill Provincial Park, just outside Winnipeg, where Loewen began cycling an 11 km loop at 7:00 a.m. He only stopped for seven minutes total over the course of the day, finishing at 9:00 p.m.This is an impressive feat considering that in 2009, Loewen's goal was simply to see how far and long he could cycle in one continuous time period - which was then only 711 km over the course of 14 hours. Loewen's extreme cycling event is helping feed kids in Kenya. The ride was for a cause near and dear to Loewen's heart; raising money for Mully Children's Family (MCF) in Kenya, which essentially helps feed starving children while sharing the good news of the gospel.

Many people got on board to support Loewen during this extreme cycling event in the week leading up to the event. On Monday, Loewen had people that committed to donating high dollar amounts per kilometer. By the time he was done the event, Loewen's supporters committed a total of $168 per km.

"I'm very grateful for all the people who stopped by and said hi, and there was lots of it. We had organized our whole family and they have been incredible. The grandkids come out and the 'Go grandpa go,' never gets old," states Loewen.

On Sunday afternoon, Loewen finished his ride after being on his bike for 30 hours and 37 minutes, taking only 56 minutes of off-bike time. At 65 years old, he beat his previous record of 711 km cycled in 2009 and completed 725 km before getting off the bike, sore and tired.

The total amount raised just from cycling came to $121,800 for MCF. This doesn't include other online donations that came in separately. Loewen added, "Somehow people caught the vision a little more than I expected so that was very cool." Coming to the end of his ride, knowing he beat his previous target, Loewen's grandkids set up a makeshift finish line for him to ride through.

The event is just one of many spanning 18 years. Loewen finished the record attempt with support from his wife, Ruth.

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