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Updated: Jun 7, 2022

After a few months of hard work, we finally finished a lot of huge milestones. The first hurdle was renaming the company from Haftner Bouclier (which remains the parent company, Haftner Bouclier LLC.) to Haftners. The reason for renaming was to reach customers a little easier. Our name comes from two sources, German and French. Haftner is a family name for people that made the haft of a sword, a name which we take great pride in. Bouclier is French for a shield, which we thought was fitting for a sword and shield name. Bouclier aero socks block the aerodynamic disadvantages of most socks by tricking the wind around the ridges in the pattern, fitting for a name that directly translates to shield. So, the new name for the company is Haftners shortened from Haftner Bouclier.

Another big change is expanding the web design to include a lot of key features that were a little harder to find before. As a designer, sometimes there are things known to me that are not apparent to the public. One example, we offer a crash replacement warranty. People that buy a product for racing should be able to enjoy using it without worrying about getting the product damaged. So, customers basically get the value of two products for the price of one. But previously, customers would not know that the warranty exists unless they read it directly on the product pages. We spread a lot of the key benefits and features across more pages on the website and we are still working on adding a lot of design aspects. Which includes features that differ between mobile and desktop viewing.

Finally, we are running a free product giveaway this month (March 2022) on Facebook. By tagging a friend, Facebook followers have the chance of getting hundreds of dollars worth of our best-selling products. We are randomly choosing three lucky winners from the US and UK directly from the Facebook post comments. Click the social media link at the bottom to find out more. And lastly, there is a promo code to get 15% off in March, use the promo code MARCH15 at the checkout page.

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