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Opinion: Yoga Shorts Are Not Cycling Shorts.

Recently The Daily Mail, a tabloid clickbait pseudo-news source, penned an article about Lucy Hale's choice in fashion. The problem is that they are part of a recent movement attempting to push a new term for yoga shorts, cycling shorts. And the issue with this term is that it makes it harder for bicyclists to find the proper gear. New cyclists in particular may end up purchasing the wrong product. There is no pad for comfort against the saddle, yoga shorts are typically higher to show off more of the legs, and the support system is typically non-existent -- cycling shorts come in one of two varieties, one with an elastic waistband or bib shorts that have straps for over the shoulders. Clothing retailers such as Nordstrom have also incorrectly labeled yoga shorts as "cycling shorts."

The infamous cycling shorts butt, as seen by the pad sewn in the crotch.

The infamous cycling shorts butt, as seen by the pad sewn in the crotch.

Bicycling shorts are a type of clothing designed specifically for use while riding a bicycle. Bicycling shorts are usually made from Lycra or other types of stretchy fabric, and often include padding in the saddle area to make cycling more comfortable. Bicycling shorts are usually worn without underwear, as the tight fit and padding can cause chafing if worn over underwear. Bicycling shorts come in a variety of styles, including bib shorts, which have straps that go over the shoulders, and non-bib shorts, which do not have straps.

Bicycling shorts are designed to be form-fitting so that they do not bunch up or rub while riding. The padding in the saddle area helps to not only cushion the rider but also prevent saddle sores. Some bicycling shorts also have reflective stripes or patterns on them so that riders are more visible on the road to drivers in low-light conditions.

Both yoga shorts and bicycling shorts are designed for comfort and efficiency while performing their respective activities. However, there are some key differences between the two types of shorts. Bicycling shorts are purpose-designed to provide a comfortable and efficient experience while riding a bike with the legs rotating in a forward circular motion. In contrast, yoga shorts are designed for comfort and a wide range of motion during yoga practice. Yoga shorts are typically made from a stretchy fabric but cycling shorts are usually made from a thicker, more durable fabric. Yoga shorts also have a wider waistband than cycling shorts, which helps to keep them in place during downward-facing dog and other yoga poses. The key similarity is that they are both typically made from lightweight, stretchy fabric and have a waistband that stays in place during inversions.

Yoga pants became a fashion statement in the early 2000s when celebrities and social media influencers began to wear them outside of the gym. Since then, yoga pants have become a wardrobe staple for many women and are often seen as a comfortable and stylish alternative to jeans or leggings. Yoga pants are now available in a variety of colors, styles, and materials, making them one of the most versatile pieces of clothing in any woman’s closet. The shorts shown incorrectly as "cycling shorts" in the fashion industry are just shorter versions of yoga pants.

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