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GPS Leads Cyclist onto Highway.

An unnamed cyclist was pulled over on the M6 by traffic officers after following a map on his phone earlier this week. The rider, who had two bikes with him, was stopped shortly after junction 6 of the motorway in Birmingham.

Pictured, a packed roadway with a cyclist riding safely near the sidewalk.

Pictured, a packed roadway with a cyclist riding safely near the sidewalk.

It is not clear why the person had two bicycles with them or if another cyclist was also stopped. Rady Salim, operations manager for National Highways, said: "This seems to have been a case of a cyclist using the M6 after following a map on his phone. We’d always remind people to familiarise themselves with the law."

The Highway Code says that cyclists are not allowed on motorways and must use designated cycle routes instead. The code also states that cyclists should not ride more than two abreast, and should stay in single file when riding in a convoy. However, it is not clear if this incident involved more than one cyclist.

It appears that the riders were attempting to follow Google Maps directions, which did not include any indication that cycling on this section of road would be illegal. This highlights the importance of cyclists familiarising themselves with the law and following the Highway Code before setting out on their journey.

Cyclists should always ride in single file when on busy roads, and should be aware of which roads they are and are not allowed to cycle on GPS directions before planning their route.

Bicycling safety is extremely important, and sometimes GPS directions can be incorrect. If you are ever unsure about a route, it's best to ask someone who knows the area. Always wear a helmet and be aware of your surroundings. Obey traffic laws and yield to pedestrians.

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