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Black Friday update and More.

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Foremost, there is a Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale (20%) running until the end of the month. The discount on our shops is not permanent and will stop running once the holiday sale season is over.

Sales aside, there is a lot going on that requires a general update for anyone interested. Since we opened the shop to sales, there has been a little struggle to define exactly who we are and what we do. Of course, we sell high-quality racing clothes for road bicyclists. But, who is buying these products and why would they choose our brand? The main target audience that a lot of competitors aim for are professional teams that can do both a bulk order for the team and help sell the team designs in stores. However, the greater picture and the key difference with our company is that we seek to bring racing to a wider audience and allow people within all budgets to afford gear of high quality. Providing professional teams with a one-off deal that includes both free kit and financial backing is one way to foster the development of professional cycling but it is not sustainable and does not provide any greater benefit to non-professional athletes.

The greater image of Haftner Bouclier is that we currently do not offer our products at any other stores. Our products are only available directly from the main website and other shopping pages that we set up such as the Etsy store. There are some exceptions, we sponsor some of the greatest athletes that are in need of kit or backing such as paralympic gold medalist Simon Richardson (MBE). Currently, we are in talks with stores throughout Europe that have a focus on expanding cycling to the masses and are interested in introducing our products to their respective regions. One-off agreements such as these unique sponsorships and store deals are exactly the reason that our company exists and what we are looking out for. Haftner Bouclier products are exclusive in the respect that they cannot be purchased from large chain stores, but inclusive in the respect that they are designed for everyone rather than the fortunate few.

Currently, we have custom stock available shipping from Austin Texas and regular stock shipping from Taipei Taiwan--That is why there is a difference in shipping prices. Customers that are overcharged for shipping should expect a refund in the amount of the excess charge directly from the shop. The crash replacement warranty remains valid for all products. For any further questions please fill out the contact form.

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