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April Newsletter

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Happy April Fools Day (yesterday)! There is a lot going on this month so let's roll straight into it. Scroll down to the bottom for a 20% promo code usable on one item at checkout.

Gift cards! (Click here to check out our gift cards.) A lot of people were purchasing custom-designed socks for other people. But, sometimes it is difficult to get a custom design for someone without spoiling the surprise by directly asking what they want. Now you can give someone a special surprise and we can work directly with them to make the custom-designed order by purchasing them a gift card.

Newly printed socks! (Click here to view some of the latest posts on Facebook.) We're working on adding a gallery option below the custom-designed socks so people can see some designs we made in the past. Here's a pair that we made for Simon Richardson MBE (link opens up Simon's rider profile blog post).

Custom-designed aerodynamic cycling socks

March giveaway winners! At the beginning of March we ran a giveaway on Facebook giving away a few custom-designed socks and some white socks to people in the US and UK. The winners have already been announced on our Facebook page, but here's the video if you would prefer to watch it here . . .

Twitter! Some behind-the-scenes info, most of our traffic is coming directly from Facebook. More than all other sources combined. There are a lot of reasons why most of our traffic is coming from Facebook, but we wanted to change that. We're constantly adding new content, but for now if you want some daily motivational bicycling tweets check out our Twitter page (click here to take a look).

Promo codes! We're tinkering with some new concepts and strategies every day, you may have noticed that there is now an automatic promo code that comes up when the page loads--it's just a temporary thing, if nobody uses this feature by April 7th it's going to be removed because it takes up a lot of page space. As promised, there is a 20% off coupon code this month that applies to one item at checkout. Use the promo code APRIL20 at checkout to redeem.

Simon Richardson MBE's racing season! Keep an eye out, several racing and bicycling magazines and journals are documenting Simon's return to racing (Click here to read the latest article from Cycling Time Trials).

Anything else? Click here to visit the contact page, where you can message us about anything.

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Foremost, there is a Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale (20%) running until the end of the month. The discount on our shops is not permanent and will stop running once the holiday sale season is over.

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