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Amazing Numbers Ahead of the First L'Étape Romania

L'Étape by Tour de France has come to Romania for the first time this year, and more than 1,300 cyclists are expected to participate in the event. The race will take place on Sunday, August 28th, and several streets in Bucharest will be closed to traffic for the occasion.

L'Etape Wales, one of the events organized by ASO.

L'Etape Wales, one of the events organized by ASO.

The L'Étape Romania by Tour de France will feature three races: The Race (85 km), The Ride (42 km), and City Adventure (14 km). Participants will start from Constitutiei Square in downtown Bucharest and race on several boulevards and streets in the city.

In addition to the racing, there will also be Road Closures: The Bucharest City Hall will close the following streets to traffic on Sunday, August 28th from 5:45 AM to 1 PM: Calea Victoriei (from Splaiul Independentei - Universitate - Cismigiu Park), Bulevardul Aviatorilor (from Arcul de Triumf – Charles de Gaulle Square), Kiseleff Avenue (from Charles de Gaulle Square – Herastrau Park entrance).

L'Étape by Tour de France is a cycling event organized in several countries since 1993. The first edition of this event was held in France and attracted only 1,500 participants. This year, L’Étape du Tour will bring together more than 12,000 cyclists from 55 countries across five continents. In 2015 alone it has been organized in Australia, South Korea, and Colombia as well as Romania.

L'Étape du Tour de France is a mass participation cyclosportive event that allows amateur cyclists to race over the same route as a Tour de France stage.

First held in 1993 and now organized by the Amaury Sport Organisation (ASO), the event takes place each July, normally on a Tour rest day. It usually features the queen stage of the Tour de France, which is a high mountain stage in either the Pyrenees or French Alps.15,000 entries are sold by ASO each year, with many participants traveling from foreign countries to compete. The event takes place on roads closed by police to other traffic, with refreshment stops, mechanical assistance, and medical support provided along the route.

International versions of L'Étape du Tour de France have been held annually in various countries around the world under the name Étape by Tour de France series. These events give local riders an arduous multi-stage experience.

Additional details on L'Etape Romania by Tour de France can be found on the official website.

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